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Financial Providence Group proudly serves clients in Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Delaware.

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company offers total solutions for seniors who are concerned with taking care of their final expenses.

We insure up to $35,000 of whole life insurance. We also offer a 20-pay, where the policy is paid-up in 20 years. For those with health conditions, we have a Modified policy. Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company has simplified underwriting, and no medical exams are required. Insurance is based on answers to health questions on the application.

The most important service you receive from Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company is the payment of your non-contestable claim within 24 hours of receiving a death certificate. No other life insurance company can do this.

Insurance Policy Face Amounts:

Whole Life – up to $35,000

20-pay – up to $35,000

Modified – up to $15,000

Available Ages:

Final Expense products: 0-85

Modified: 0-85

20-pay: 0-80

LHLIC does not run MIB’s (medical information bureau reports), which means that policies are issued quickly and easily.

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