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Agent Testimonials

We're proud to be a great place to work. We're committed to making sure that every one of our agents knows how valuable they are and feels respected and supported.

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Here's what some of our agents have to say about their great jobs with Financial Providence Group:

Working for this company has been hands down the greatest experience in my life. The service that Lincoln Heritage offers is definitely supreme. I have been with the company since 2000, and in this industry I think that says a lot. I absolutely do not need to be licensed with any other companies because Lincoln Heritage has everything covered. With first-class people in the home office, the best underwriting in the industry, competitive rates and contracts, more leads than any human can handle, and great training, there is no better place to be. These tools have enabled me to be the #1 Manager in the Company from 2009-2011. And for that I say "Thank you, Lincoln Heritage for everything you do!"

Justin H.

I've been working with Lincoln Heritage since 2004, and I can honestly say that we are the true leader in the Final Expense market. Lincoln Heritage not only offers an outstanding Final Expense product with virtually no underwriting, but our customer support is simply the best you'll find. As an agent you'll be delighted to know that our lead generation system, agent training and agent support is second to none. I'm thankful everyday that I do what I do, with the company that I know!

Rick H.

In my 24 years of being in the insurance industry, I would have to rate my success and earnings with Lincoln Heritage at the top. I have worked for various insurance companies from the debit business in 1986 to the likes of Aflac up until 2005. In my 15 years with Aflac it took me 10 years to make with them what I was able to accomplish with Lincoln Heritage in just my first full year and a total of 19 months with the company. My paythru in those 19 months is equivalent to what it took my Aflac renewals 6-8 years to reach ($6,100/month). The fact that I also work with Brad Jennings and Financial Providence Group has also been a "huge" added bonus, literally! Due to the fact that Brad is the only Regional Director out of 11 I believe it is that does lead credits is more than an added incentive to work in this agency! The leads which is by far your biggest expense can easily be reduced to half and in some cases wind up being FREE with consistent good work ethic and excellent time management skills! Since the lead financing in Florida was made available to us approximately 4-5 months ago, I have only had to buy my leads I think one or two months. The other months based on production Brad rewarded me with 80 FREE direct mail leads each month. The one month I had to pay for leads, he even rewarded me with a lead credit of $300 the last week of the month, then turned around and rewarded me for the 80 FREE leads this month. Which I wasn't even expecting that, but he was fair and did it. The training is also great. Whether you are a brand new agent in the business or a 20 year veteran the training program is based on what we do in the final expense buinsess and has a proven track record for success. Follow it and it works to a tee. DO NOT try to reinvent the wheel, so to speak! Brad took these things from what he did which made him the # 1 agent in the company his first full year (at 23-24 years of age). The contests that both him and Justin Howard put up, which seems like every other month, is just an added incentive to stay out there and work. I have been able to win $500 in various restaurant cards, $500 Best Buy gift cards, I'm in the running for Brad's 2002 Porche Boxter, which is like new (yes, that is right a Porsche), and Justin has launched a contest for someone to win a 46" plasma/LCD TV with a Blue Ray player to go with it. I'm quite sure knowing Justin, a top quality set up worth about $2,000 I would imagine. As far as the company goes, it's remarkable how easy it is to talk to underwriting, new business, marketing or even the CEO of the company if you like! Never being placed on hold or talking to an automated system. With Aflac when I was in management, there would be times I was on hold for 20 minutes on the managers line! The fact that they issue 98% of the applications submitted is unheard of in this day and time! They pay commissions daily and upon submission. That would be scary with some companys that only issue 70% of the applications submitted, but not here! The people at the home office are friendly and really make you feel that they are there for you! It doesn't hurt either that they are one of the largest final expense companys and know how to market their lead programs based on demographics that fit the type of person that we sell to. Plus with them being on the west coast we can call them until 7:00 and 8:00 during the summer months. A plus when you are out in the field seeing folks when they get home from work! You can't go wrong with Lincoln Heritage or Financial Providence Group!

Larry M.

I started my career with Lincoln Heritage in June of 2009 after spending several years in the mortgage industry, and being one of many who suffered through the mortgage collapse. I also went through what ultimately ended up being a horrible divorce at the same time. Feeling lost and not sure what to do, having just lost my career and my family, I decided to get my insurance license. After a couple of failed attempts with other companies, a friend of mine turned my attention to Lincoln Heritage and Financial Providence Group. Although hesitant, because of my early failures in the industry, I scheduled an interview with Brad Jennings (our Regional Director). WOW! Was I glad I didn't let that initial hesitation stop me from going to this meeting. The minute I walked into our Westerville office, I knew I had found a "home." Something about Brad and the product itself just clicked with me. I will not go into great details about my personal life, but I will simply say that when I walked into that meeting, I was at the lowest point in my life. When I walked out, I knew I had found the vehicle to fix that. Fast forward to today, 5+ years later, and I can not believe what I have been able to accomplish both personally and financially because of this opportunity. The personal accomplishments I speak of are the life long friendships that have been forged within this agency, which mean more to me than anything! Financially, I am making well into six figures with no end in sight. If you are looking for an opportunity to not only change your life, but put you in a position to help others, this could be it. Opportunity definitely knocked at my door . . . I'm so grateful that I answered.

Chad Lewis, MGA

I've been with Lincoln Heritage since 2007, and I can say without a doubt, there is not another life insurance company out there that treats their agents better. Not just because of the competitive rates and contracts, exclusive and superior product and same day advances, but the things I never thought about before, like the support you get at the home office. The fact that you get to talk to a live person every time you call and not have to deal with an automated system makes my job so much easier, and anyone who answers the phone has the ability and training to help me, so they dont have to keep transferring me from department to department to get my questions answered. The support we get in the field is second to none as well. Brad and Justin have worked tirelessly to help me build my agency and I know there doing the same thing for alot of other agents as well. I consider myself lucky everyday for answering that ad in the newspaper. Thank You Lincoln Heritage and Financial Providence Group!

Shawn C.

After searching for a great career opportunity for many years, I have finally found my home here with Lincoln Heritage and Financial Providence Group. I was in sales for 8 years before I came aboard here and had always been a top contender, but was never satisfied with the income or the people I worked with. I have now been here sine 2006 and have increased my income every year, building up an agency which is one of the top 10 agencies in the company. I will put it this way - after seeing what the other final expense companies have to offer, I would never consider working elsewhere. Nobody has the lead program, underwriting, product, or support like Lincoln Heritage. I get flyers in the mail all the time for new opportunities with other insurance companies that offer higher contracts, but no leads, or they have strict underwriting. What good is a higher contract without a great lead program or liberal underwriting? Lincoln Heritage has a high contract, very liberal underwriting, and the best lead program. I am sure being in business for 50 years and the leader in the final expense market has something to do with that. On top of that, they reward our success with the greatest vacations like Paris, Cabo, Boca Raton, and Dominican Republic. I have also established great residual income working our proven system and get the satisfaction knowing that I have helped so many families that needed it. Thanks Lincoln Heritage and Financial Providence Group.

Aaron C.

I was a pastor for twenty years, and I have officiated at many funerals. People do not make good decisions when they're grieving, and they certainly do not think like consumers during a time of crisis. When I saw what Lincoln Heritage did for their policy holders' families, I knew that I had found a company that I could represent with integrity and passion. Lincoln Heritage doesn't just mail a check to benificiaries three to six weeks after the funeral. They actually care about the policy holder's family, processing their claim as quickly as possible and helping them as grieving consumers to deal with an industry that is in business to make a profit. Since 2007 when I came to Lincoln Heritage I have nearly doubled the income I made as a pastor. My wife and I used to look forward to my yearly cost of living salary increase which was a little over $100 a month. Now I can give myself a $1,000 raise by writing a couple more policies a month. I only wish that I had found Lincoln Heritage and Financial Providence Group sooner.

Tim H.

I started with Lincoln Heritage in 2000, and I was doing things my way the first five years. I was not meeting the company standards consistently. My finances were not where I wish them to be. Then I started working with the Financial Providence Group, my mangers Brad and Justin began working with me on how to close more sales, by using the presentation on the company training DVD. I went from an average sales year, to consistently reaching my monthly goals. Plus I am also a trip winning sales person! If all agents would purchase at lease twenty Lincoln Heritage Leads per week and learn the sales presentation script you will see your sales & commissions will grow along with winning many exotic vacations.

Joe S.

My name is Gary and I have worked for Lincoln Heritage since 2005. It's the best job I've ever had. My wife and I have accompanied the company on trips to Quebec City, Canada, Paris, France, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and Boca Raton, Florida. All of the trips have ben first class and spending cash has also been provided by the company. It truly is a mom and pop company founded by Jack Londen. I can't imagine for working with anyone else. My Regional Director is Bradly Jennings a fair man and a pleasure to work with who seems to bend over backwards to help his work force. In the beginning the pay was slow coming, but I made a commitment to Brad and Justin and now I am making a comfortable living and I feel I have job security for a lifetime. Anyone considering taking a position with this company would certainly not be making a mistake. With commitment and dedication to the company a person would have a lifetime career, with not only great home office support, support from the Londens, but also a management team that focuses on the people that work for them. I thank Brad Jennings and Justin Howard for this golden opportunity.

Gary M.

I have been licensed insurance agents for about 8 years (mostly with mortgage protection). We thought mortgage protection was everything agents like us could ask for. Wow, were we wrong! Final Expense, with Lincoln Heritage, has changed our lives. It's been a breath of fresh air for us. The abundance of leads in our area, the wonderful health insurance benefits and, daily pay just to name a few. We receive great support from our Regional Director (Brad Jennings). Talking to a live person at Home Office, instead of an automated machine is absolutely the best. Lincoln Heritage in our opinion believes that a happy agent is a productive agent. We see more smiling faces with this company than any other company we've been associated with in the past. I see us retiring from this company with a nice huge nest egg. If anyone is considering Lincoln Heritage and wants to make a great living in this industry, we have 2 words for you. GET IN!!

Troy M.

My experience that I have encounter with Lincoln Heritage/Financial Providence Group has been nothing less than promised. Brad and Justin both know the business inside and out, and understand what each individual has to do within the business and are there to support and educate you through it. I enjoy now that I write all my business with a company that is strictly focused on the product that I provide. It's great to be with a company and group that cares, and I look forward to a successful career right here with Lincoln Heritage. Alls I really have to say is, GET IN WHILE YOU CAN!!!

Bill S.

After working 10 years in the every changing mortgage industry. I decided to try my luck, in what seemed to be a parallel career, selling insurance. From my first step into the very contemporary, swanky Columbus, OH office I had a feeling I was home. I soon found that Lincoln Heritage was much more than a new "sales job" it was my new "career." They offered clients so much more than just life insurance. They offered a structured, pre-planned final expense program (through the company "Funeral Consumer Guardian Society") that actually helped the families, in a emotional time, deal with the loss of a loved one. Nearly all of my clients have experienced a funeral of someone who passed without having enough insurance to cover the funeral (most have no insurance at all). When it "hits home" that's when people realize how important life insurance and having a plan, really is. What I really loved was that Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance was the only company that was willing to go the extra mile and not only provide a policy, but help "price shop" and "pre-plan" a funeral for the mourning family. In such an emotional time, I've found that most clients are simply to distraught to make rational decision. I am no longer a "sales person" with Lincoln Heritage, I'm an educator. I sit face to face with our clients, in their home, where they're comfortable and not intimidated by a big fancy office. It's so gratifying when a client tells me "my family is going to be so happy that I took care of this for them. Now they won't have to pass the hat around when its my time to leave this world." I've not only found an amazingly well recognized and storied company, but I found a career and a company that I can be proud of. Every single Lincoln Heritage agent is part of one big family. We help each other. We support each other and we inspire each other to be the best agents in the business. This job has provided with me with all the tools necessary to give myself and my family a better life. Last year I qualified for our annual company vacation to Scotland (I mean seriously, Scotland). They paid for both myself and my wife to stay in two different castles, dinners and scenic trips. I promise you, everything was "First class". We were treated like royalty. This year, for the companies 50th anniversary, they're taking over an entire resort in the Dominican Republic! I can't say enough good things about the company and the opportunity they've given all of us. Thank you Mr. Londen and your wonderful family for everything you do. There's a perfect job out there for everyone. Lincoln Heritage is mine!

Keith J.

"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful." -Eric Thomas

Growing up, I always knew through hard work and dedication, I would be and wanted to be successful; I just did not know what would be my vessel to get there. At age 27, I obtained my life insurance license which started me down the path that would catapult me to where I am today. I anticipated a lucrative career in the insurance industry due to the success I had already observed by my mentor, Troy Miles. I was always told if you want to be a millionaire; find a millionaire and learn from them. I found that plus a lasting friendship and brotherhood in Troy.

The next step was finding the right company. At first, we were working with companies that made promises they couldn't deliver on. Between waiting to see if policies would be approved and if we would be paid, the bills were stacking up high. Then, we stumbled across Lincoln Heritage. This company not only delivered on all their promises, issued 98% of their policies, and paid upon submission, but they also enabled a pathway for my dreams to come true.

All of this would not be possible if Mr. Jack Londen had not begun his career as an agent, enabling him to experience what we experience. This facilitated him when he began Lincoln Heritage by molding a company around agents and for agents. I sincerely appreciate him for that. With Troy Miles as our leader of The Miles Group Agency, we have duplicated this type of environment, which launched us into becoming the fastest growing agency for Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company. I am proud to be one of the top MGA's (Managing General Agent) in The Miles Group and I continually look forward to our rapid growth.

In any aspiring venture, nothing worth doing is ever easy, but Lincoln Heritage provides the tools to help you build a successful career. With hard work and dedication to this business every day, I have grown financially, mentally, and spiritually. People not with Lincoln Heritage often wonder how I can be so passionate about what I do. I challenge you and them to take a closer look and see where my passion lies. Not only does Lincoln Heritage provide the avenue to allow me to help clients, agents, and my own family on a daily basis, but I work in an amazing family environment coupled with extraordinary home office support. We have such a remarkable environment that I have had the pleasure to enjoy several dinners and visits with our CEO, Mr. Jack Londen, and our Regional Director, Bradly Jennings, on various occasions.

In addition, Lincoln Heritage presented me the opportunity to experience my first vacation in Boca Raton, FL. Since then, I was able to take 7 vacations in one year. In the past five years, I have been to places, such as, but not limited to Jamaica, Bahamas, Scotland, Florida, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Cozumel, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Panama and many more. What an incredible journey since August 2009 when I was first appointed with Lincoln Heritage! It has been and still is truly a blessing to know at the young age of 32, I have found the company that I will retire from. Let's Keep GrOwing!

- Brian Obey, Manager, The Miles Group

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